Write to your elected officials to repeal Bill 1

Bill 1 is a direct threat at the Wet’suwet’en people, Indigenous peoples and all those who choose to exercise their right to protest. This bill makes it illegal for anyone to protest on “essential infrastructure” which has broad definitions. While this bill was directed to suppress the protests against the Coastal GasLink pipeline, it could be used to suppress other protests for other issues.

We encourage everyone to write to their elected officials and ask them to repeal this bill. Provided below is an email template which you can change and add on to.

You can contact your elected officials using the following emails/links.


To whom it may concern,

Hello, my name is [insert name here], and I am a resident of [city/province]. I am contacting you today as I am deeply concerned to hear about Alberta’s Bill 1 that is soon to reach royal assent.

The critical infrastructure described in the bill is vague to the extent in which Albertans’ rights of assembly and freedom of expression could be compromised. Furthermore, it is clear to many Albertans that this bill places Aboriginal communities in the province, who already have few avenues to effectively express their interests, at a greater disadvantage. The heavy fines and threats of incarceration stated in the bill will discourage many from assembling.

Most importantly, this bill goes against section 2C of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. All peoples of Canada should remain to have the right and freedom to protest as long as they are not directly harming others, especially in the current time of civil unrest. I would highly appreciate it if [politican’s name], as [political title (i.e., the mayor of Calgary, the conservative leader of Canada, etc.], intervened to ensure Canadian freedoms are not violated. 

This letter is written without prejudice,

[insert name here]