Your Banks are Funding Climate Change (Media Posts)

In a world raw from the extensive effects of the ever-worsening climate crisis, the last thing we need is for the already problematic fossil fuel industry to keep growing. But that’s precisely what it’s doing, and Canada’s biggest banks are fueling its expansion with your money!

From RBC to Scotiabank, the “Canadian” banks handling your money are funding, and profiting off of, environmental disaster. They know what this will cost us, but they simply do not care.

On January 29th, from 1-2 pm MST, climate strike groups across so-called Canada hosted the Fossil Banks Online Teach-In.

We are in a crisis. It’s time to tell your bank that you refuse to bank on climate change!

On January 29, we participated in the national day of action, with many other youth climate groups across the country, to call on Canada’s Big Banks (RBC, CIBC, BMO, TD and Scotiabank) to divest from the fossil fuel industry and stop funding the climate crisis. We put up the posters pictured above to educate the general public about the ways in which banks contribute to the climate crisis and provide them with resources to educate themselves on the issue and lobby for divestment.  

You can find more information and resources, such as a template for sending a letter to banks CEOs. Click here for a full list of resources and ways to help.

If you’d like to put up a few of these posters in your own neighborhood (following temporary signage bylaws, of course), click here to download the PDF.