F4F Clothing Swap Event

Fridays for Future Calgary is hosting a sustainable clothing swap event!

Join us on February 21st anytime from 2pm to 5pm at the Central Library, Room 3-10B. Bring any clean clothes in good condition! Please no underwear items. Meanwhile, we will also have snacks and games, please bring your own dishes for snacks to reduce waste.

All leftover clothing will be donated to local organizations.

November 29th Global Climate Strike

On November 29th, hundreds of Calgarians gathered to protest a lack of climate action by governments all around the world.

The climate crisis is the defining issue of our time, and we must do everything we can in order to stop it.

A huge thanks to everyone who joined us, and those who were there in spirit. Thanks to our wonderful organizing team!

Global Climate Strike: November 29th

On September 27th, over 7 million people took part in a Global Strike for the climate, speaking up and telling politicians they need to act immediately.

On November 29th, we will once again take action for the climate. The science is clear. We must act immediately to avoid catastrophic climate breakdown. Join us on the 29th, as a citizen of this country and this planet, in speaking up for our future.

We will meet at City Hall at 12pm, where there will be speakers and chants. At 12:30pm we will march to McDougall Centre, where the Premier’s office is located. There, we will join a “Hands Off Our Education” protest, where they protesting massive budget cuts to Alberta’s education.

Then, we will march back to City Hall, ending our strike at 2pm.

However, our movement doesn’t stop there. Every Friday from 12pm-1pm, we strike outside City Hall for climate action, and everyone is welcome to join us!

See you at City Hall!

Welcome to our Website!

Hello internet! How ya doing?

Fridays for Future Calgary is now online! Thanks to the efforts of our Media Committee, we now have this wonderful website. Take a look around, and tell us what you think via the contact form!

Some things this website has:

  • Striking information
  • Pictures
  • An explanation of Fridays for Future and why we strike
  • Climate Change info
  • A blog!

Also, you can now sign up to receive emails from us! We’ll send out updates from our blog, striking info, and other important and interesting information!

You’re in the blog right now, which is where we’ll be quite active posting videos, articles, news, infographics, explanations, guides, and much more!

Have fun!

Fridays for Future Calgary