Privacy Policy

What data we collect

Like most websites, we collect non-personally-identifying information that most web browsers and servers make available. This includes browser type, language information, and the date and time each request to our server was made. This information allows us to make a general assessment of how our website is used. This information is completely anonymous and kept private.

Any personally-identifying information that is shared with us via contact forms, including but not limited to comments, names, email addresses, and IP addresses, will be processed and stored on our servers. By submitting this information, you accept that it will be used internally at Fridays for Future, and may be shared with our partners and key volunteers. Your information will be kept private, but you accept that it may cross country borders and enter the jurisdiction of other countries’ privacy laws.

We are not liable for any accidental release of your information, by submitting it, you accept the risk of a data breach or malicious access to your information.

Our purpose in collecting any personally-identifying information is to aid in communication efforts, analytics, and logistics. You accept that Fridays for Future Calgary is allowed to do with your data anything they deem fit.

By signing up for our email community, you accept that your email address will be saved on our servers, and used to personally identify you. You will receive emails from Fridays for Future Calgary and can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the link at the bottom of our emails.