How to Strike?

Want to become a Fridays for Future climate striker? It’s pretty simple.

All you need to do is show up at City Hall, Friday between 2:00 and 3:30 pm. Make sure you dress appropriately for the weather! This is especially important for Calgary’s colder months.

It’s also okay if you’re only coming to one strike, or if you’d like to attend multiple! Everything counts. People who strike every week are not better than those who don’t. Everyone has their own lives, with their own obligations. Don’t judge people!

You can make a protest sign if you want, search online for some ideas! All protest signs must be respectful, and please keep in mind that younger children do attend the strikes. Signs are completely optional, showing up without one is totally awesome too!

Striking Code of Conduct:

  • Be respectful of everyone at the strike, and any passersby. Even when dealing with people who disagree with us, being respectful is our best option.
  • Remain Peaceful. Fridays for Future has always been and will always be a peaceful movement. If you cannot protest peacefully, please do not attend a F4F Climate Strike. Violence in any way is never acceptable.
  • We are all in this together, as equals. Please don’t try to put anyone else down, or judge what individual actions others have done, compared to yours. Everyone does what they can. In the words of Greta Thunberg, “what you do counts.”

The biggest thing to remember is always to be respectful of everyone you meet!